Emotivism Quotes and Analysis

 Quote Analysis

“Moral utterances simply express the attitude of the speaker”A.J. Ayer

The philosophy of Emotivism states that “moral utterances” or statements, are meaningless; ethical judgments only express a person’s attitude that is intended to change the attitudes of other people. AJ Ayer, a main philosopher of Emotivism, is straightforward with his words. Emotivism is a concept difficult to grasp because of its analytical philosophical logic that points toward positivism; however words such as “good” and “bad” can break it down.

The objective of this philosophy is that there is no objective moral standard. It is believed that judgments should not be influenced by feelings or opinions. Therefore, saying something such as “Murder is bad.” is only a matter of opinion, whereas saying “Murder is against the law.” is an actual fact. Emotivism strays away from the opinion-made statement because it can try to implement personal beliefs onto someone else. This extends on Ayer’s belief of “moral utterances” only “epress[ing] the attitude of the speaker.” Emotivism explores the nature of human knowledge, and the logical discipline a person must grow into to fully understand the true concept of Ayer’s quote and, most importantly, of the philosophy Emotivism.


“Take any action allow’d to be vicious: Willful murder, for instance. Examine it in all its lights, and see if you can find that matter of fact, or real existence, which you call vice… You can never find it, till you turn your reflexion into your own life, and find a sentiment of disapprobation, which arises in you, towards this action.” – David Hume


“God is good – Hurrah for God.”



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